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Upskill Your Team

Get in touch with me to create a product team training, designed for your team, delivered to your schedule.

Product Team Training

I plan, guide and deliver product team training to ensure that your goals are achieved. 

Whether you aim to introduce product management within your teams, align your team around a central way of working, or upskill your team in specific areas, my interactive workshops help you achieve your goals.

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Product Leaders looking to evolve their team’s Product Management Capabilities

  • An interactive training provided to your team
  • An Upskilled Product Team who will have learned by working through their own product challenges, coached by me

Please get in touch with us for a free intake, so we can provide you with a personalized quote

I provide all our workshops & training both in-person and through a virtual delivery format.

My workshops & training are designed to be interactive and engaging, using short bursts of content nuggets, group breakouts, and gamification, to create an experience that sticks.


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