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Lean Startup Coaching

Growing your startup into a sustainable business is harder than ever before. Corporates slowly die while startups are knocking on their doors and need to innovate rapidly in order to survive.

I can support you increasing your trust and confidence to make meaningful and measurable progress in your business.

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Executive Coaching

// Boost your company's performance // 

Team Training

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Executive Coaching

Support founders, entrepreneurs and corporate executives in their challenges. Based on my experience, I deliver a full scope of practices you need, for success. Expect guidance, trust, and new insights, so you struggle less and reach your goals faster.

Team Training

I train on tools and methods to give your teams the skills to innovate. I help your teams create a meaningful and effective business model, and sales and marketing strategy

Frequently Asked Questions

Organizations who want to improve their product and business model

Some might say this is semantics, yet in my experience there are three areas of focus.

(1) Lean Startup Coaching emphasizes on helping you to discover, not only your product, but especially your business model, and their sales and marketing strategy

(2) Discovery Coaching focuses on working, not just reciting Agile cliché, but actually showing the team how to work effectively

(3) Implementation Coaching focuses on creating winning teams through the uses of methods, tools and best practices that are proven to improve delivery quality and speed

  • Enablement to make vastly better, faster business decisions
  • The ability to succeed in a business landscape riddled with risk

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