Discovery coaching

Getting your Product teams to learn Product Discovery in depth

Discovery Coaching

More and more, organizations are looking to innovate rapidly and consistently. There is huge pressure, coming from consumers and stakeholders, to come up with something (anything!) new.

To do so, the best product teams use a set of carefully crafted continuous discovery techniques.

Product discovery can be a significant investment for any company. Before you launch a team into the discovery process, ensure that the idea is one where you can win and that it is worth it.

Our discovery coaching services will enable your teams to execute and apply Product Discovery themselves.

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Critical Thinking


We help your teams to develop the skill of how to do small, actionable research activities well and effectively conduct customer interviews, assumption tests, and product experiments in a way that leads to valuable and reliable insights.


We introduce your teams to the experimentation framework and learn them how techniques and types are used, to run product experiments, to test their hypotheses before the launch of the product.

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is more the ingredient to success than the icing on the cake.

We use visual mapping tools (e.g.customer journey maps, opportunity solution trees, story mapping.) to externalize and examine their thinking and develop your team’s critical thinking skills to better connect the dots between their research activities and experimentation outcomes.

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Product Leaders and Team that want to up their Discovery game and hate wasting time on building products that don’t meet the customer’s underserved needs effectivel

  • Help teams to understand the value of research and how to acquire value information through research
  • Enable teams to run the best suited experiments ongoingly
  • An opportunity to enable teams to develop and challenge their critical thinking skills

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