Agile Delivery Coaching

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Agile Delivery Coaching

Tons of organizations have gone “Agile”, adhering to Agile practices for some time, yet find the real value of agile is eluding them.

Others are new to Agile and are looking to making it works outside of IT.

There is huge pressure, coming from stakeholders, to showcase the benefits of Agile.

Through Agile Delivery Coaching, I will encourage your teams and leadership to embrace agile methodologies. I provide a guiding hand to your teams on the agile methodology and oversee the development to ensure effective outcomes for your organization.

Agility over Agile is key!

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I will mentor your organization, and scrum master’s understanding and application of agile practices, and look for slight adjustments that positively  impact the individual, the team, and the organization.


I will introduce your teams to agile frameworks and learn them how to use agile techniques and methods, to effectively and consistently, delivery secure, reliable, diagnosable and reusable solutions. I will be a servant leader to your teams and enable them to excel in delivery.


Teamwork makes the dream work. I will help your teams become your agile champions for the organization and guide your organization through the Agile Transformation, applying change management practices focussed on shifting the organizational mindset to one of Agility over Agile, and Outcomes over Output.

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Organizations and Teams that are struggling to reap the rewards, feel they haven’t reached the full potential of applying Agile, or need an Agile Leader to forward a teams delivery.

  • An organization that has an increased awareness of and ability to embed agile in their DNA
  • Enabled teams that are Agile Champions
  • Significantly improved value delivered through Agile practices

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