Innovation coaching

Helping you to create products customers love

Innovation Coaching

Innovation coaching. Creating products customers loves takes understanding of business model, strategy and product discovery

As a business professional, you know the importance for an organization to have the ability to innovate, not only to stay ahead of competition, but to keep growing, adapting and succeeding as an organization, team, and as an individual.

To benefit from correctly applying the best fit for purpose and most promising innovation methods, mindsets, and approaches, consider hiring an outside innovation coach, to increase your chances of success.

Innovation coaching can be incredibly beneficiary if you need sustained support to improve practices across departments in your organization. Every organization can benefit, in enabling creativity and collaboration to grow at work.

My comprehensive innovation coaching services, with tools and resources, support you to fulfill your innovation and business goals.


Group of people, reviewing the results of the Product Maturity Assessment

Product Maturity

Acquire a plan to reach your product management maturity ambition

A group of people running a marketing strategy session part as part of the lean startup coaching session

Start-up Potential

Discover your product,  business model, sales and  marketing strategy

Team working together through a prototyping exercise in the product discovery phase

Your Greatness

Train your teams how to run  product discovery effectively

A product team working efficiently on an implementation

Innovation Faster

Enable your organization to implement new ideas structured and faster


I will organize an intake session to understand you and your personal goals for me to create a coaching plan tailored to your needs


I will propose an interactive and engaging training plan and a schedule to meet your objectives.
After each session, you will get a personal assignment to work on and to be discussed at the next coaching session
I will deliver the coaching tailored to your schedule with bursts of information and activities to maximise engagement


To ensure you get the most out of your coaching, I will regularly evaluate progress towards your goals and check and just where needed.


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