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Interview Preparation

Landing your dream product management job takes a lot of self-awareness, perseverance and creativity. Success is the combination of opportunity and preparation.

Need help preparing for your job hunt? I’ve got you covered. I can help you shape your CV and prepare you for your next Product Management interview, so you can succeed.

My comprehensive interview coaching services will provide you with the skills & confidence to succeed at your next interview.

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Resume Review

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Interview Preparation

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Mock Interview

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Resume Review

Employers and recruiters receive countless resumes to work through, so you have to make sure yours stands out, to get a foot between the door and get invited for an interview.

I can check your resume and review its structure, formatting and presentation. I will review the content and make sure you are selling your skills, experience and achievements in the best possible way, so you land your dream job.

Furthermore, I offer this service free of charge, believing that with some things peers need to help each other out.

Just hit me up with your resume (pdf, docx, doc, max 3MB), through the get in touch form below.

Interview Preparation

Preparing for an interview is often difficult because you don’t really know exactly what questions will be asked. I can teach you how to effectively answer common interview questions, help you prepare for unexpected questions (which is where many jobseekers bomb interviews) and help you identify red flags and find out if you will be a great cultural and company fit.

Sounds good? Hit me up with your information, through the get in touch form below. I will send you my free interview preparation guide, and specially priced one-to-one coaching session option.

Mock Interview

The interview is often the most difficult part of the job hunting process.

I offer mock interview video call sessions. The session takes 60 min and is recorded, so you can review, practice, and listen back as many times as you need. I will also create a personalized blueprint for interview success, targeting specific questions and interview styles.

Interested in a mock interview, to get yourself ready and good to go, to nail the interview and land your dream job?

Contact me, through the get in touch form below, with a preferred time slot. The mock interview is EUR 50,-.

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Those aspiring to land a job as Product Manager or Product Owner

  • Stand out from a crowded field of applicants
  • Increased chance of landing your dream job

Please see the read more for each of the services offered and yep the resume review is free of charge indeed 🙂


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