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Sharpwitted Present: Product Management Alphabet Aerobics

Super strategical, simplicity sought Surprising stingy stakeholders, that are soft

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Time to perk up the Product Management game by redoing Blackalicious’ most popular and absolute tongue-twister of a track, “Alphabet Aerobics”. 

In the original song the lyrics, every two lines move to the next letter of the alphabet. The track gained renewed attention in 2014, when Daniel Radcliffe, performed the entire song flawlessly on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.


lyrics: Klaas Hermans
footage: the tonight show & tenor (gifs)
video editing: PowerPoint (#keepitsimple)


[Intro: Female Voice]
(Now it’s time for our wrap up
Let’s give it everything we’ve got
Ready? Begin)

Affinity scores aren’t at all amazing
Analytically, I assault, and achieve things
Broken beliefs, bounded by the battle beat
Building business models, backlogs I’m bombarding
Casually catch customer needs continuous, 
Cross-functional cats then start creating it
Discovering desirability is a daily disco, 
Demonstrate delivery to make some decent dough
Experimenting with ease, early and energetic 
Full esteem, engaging, evaluating estimates.
Frameworks, feasibility, fantastic
Flurries of features felt, feeding the fanatics
Growth got great, goals achieved gradually
Groundbreaking in this game getting globally
Hit ’em high, hella hype, historical
Hi hypotheses, hacking through hypocrisy
Imitators idolize, I ideate
In an instant, I’ll rise to an investing state
Juiced on jobs-to-be-done, without judgement
Juicy, It’s just me, writing my journey
Kindly, I’m kicking knowledge capturing on
With kingpins and kanban itch in my kingdom
Let me look at lifetime value, lessons learned, loyalty, 
and lengthen the lifecycle literally logically
My MVPs make marvelous moves, markets
Marvel and move, many metrics met magically
NPS improves, the new product naturally
Knack, never lack, it is nifty necessity
Operation, objectives, off, not optional
Out of sight, out of mind, opportunity scoring opticals
Perfected persona, powerful priorities
Position products perfectly, prototyping properly
Quality questions quickly answered, it’s quantum
Queues deliver quantities, of what we got-uh 
Really raw roadmaps, reach rapid revenue
Research, recognizing, results, without redo
Super strategical, simplicity sought
Surprising stingy stakeholders, that are soft
Talented teams, timeboxed testing is tough
Teamwork it’s a testament, no need for a tune up
Universal, UX, unmatched
Usability unbeaten, unique and hot
Victorious in Vision, validated value
Violate metrics that are vain, make ’em vanish.
What, in my world, is a worthwhile Wow, 
Witness wonderful, worthwhile wonders now.
Xerox my exceptions like extra large Xenix,
X-treme Program my xylophone sounds 
Yesterday’s yes, yearns more yield from you
Don’t Yammer, You know what you gotta do
Zuckerberg zingers, zooming to the zenith
Zero in, Zone out, Zen thoughts, zigzag zealously!

[Outro: Female Voice]
(Good… can you say it faster?)

Hope you enjoyed, and let me know what you think about this remix. Which other songs could use a Product remix?

For now, I salute all you product People, singing off

Klaas Hermans for

p.s. for those finding some new Product Management terms, check my Product Management Glossary.

If you are interested in the original song, please find the link below, for your convenience:

Original: Blackalicious — Alphabet Aerobics

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