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How to create a kick *ss Product Vision!

The music made me do it: The ultimate product vision playlist

Sharpwitted Present: The Ultimate Product Vision Playlist. A list of songs that embody the essence of a great Product Vision.

So, you have an idea for a product? Now take a minute and imagine the future of your product idea. Abstract it, as much as possible, without losing the essence.

You managed? If so, then congratulations! What you have just done is create your vision. 

A vision describes what you desire to achieve in the long-run. It allows you to look beyond what is in front of you and see something that does not yet exist

A great vision helps you to get teams inspired and motivated to work on your product, ongoingly have them generate new ideas and reel in investments to finance the development of your product.

If you ever find yourself or anyone involved in your product wondering why a vision is essential, how to create one and what a compelling one consists of, use the following mnemonic device in the form of a list of songs, to bring them along the journey.

Nothing beats (pun intended) a good story, supported by great music!


The Sharpwitted Ninja created The Ultimate Vision Product playlist for you, to remember yourself and those who are with you, what it takes to create a kick*ss Product vision. 

Now doesn’t that feel a lot like running a discovery phase? 

During Product Discovery we try to refine our ideas by deeply understanding our surroundings and real customer needs, to land the best way to solve them.

It is all about the why

Without a vision it will be harder to persuade, bring along and especially get buy-in from those you need, to deliver a product the customers loves. 

If anyone tells you “I don’t know why”, you know there is an opportunity to pick up on. 

Those involved in creating your product got2 know why, to be inspired and engaged in its delivery. 

The vision helps to stay focussed on the future and the bigger picture.

A great vision 

Though some might argue that a great vision can only be created by a great visionary, I’d say that is definitely one way to look at it, but certainly not the only one. 

Anyone can create a compelling and inspirational Vision, one that when you believe, life and breath it, anyone who meets you will say, I can see the fire in your eyes and I need to be a part of this!

So what makes a great vision? 

A forward-looking statement

Your vision comes as a vision statement answering the question, “What will our business look like in x years from now?”

It is a forward-looking statement, describing the purpose, what it is you are striving for, and what you want to achieve.

There is no defined format for a Vision statement, however successful ones do include a common set of traits.

  • Audacious: It makes you dream on, beyond what you think is possible
  • Abstract: It is descriptive and not too specific. It screams a wished for outcome and leaves room for creativity
  • Stable: It provides a solid ground, and is not affected by market or technology changes
  • Purpose driven: It gives a shared universe. One that inspires and engages people
  • Clear: It is clear enough to provide clarity (no who would have expected that), but yet is not too specified
  • Concise: It is short, sweet and to the point
There is no defined format for a Vision statement, however successful ones do include a common set of traits. Audacious, Abstract, Stable, Purpose Driven, Clear and Concise

Vision Attributes

Vision statements contain Vision attributes. These are words that have a functional and emotional associations. They serve as basic elements for establishing a vision. Vision attributes can be categorized in 6 types

  • Values: The “product family values”. They describe how the user would describe your product. 
  • User: Who are you, the user? How would you describe your user.
  • Voice: What drives the tone of voice of every interaction you have with your user? What is your weapon of choice?
  • Feeling: How the user feels (or should feel) after interacting with your product.
  • Impact: What impact do you deliver on the lives of your users. What you do to me.
  • Special Power: What sets you apart from the rest? What makes it so desirable?
Vision attributes can be categorized in 6 types. Values, User, Voice, Feeling, Impact and Special Power

Let’s do this

Once you have created your product vision, it is time to say it out loud, “Let’s do this!”.

Time to go and embrace your destiny and make your product unforgettable!

If you find yourself needing some help, no worries, the Sharpwitted Ninja got you covered.


Klaas Hermans for Sharpwitted.Ninja

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